Agricultural Products 

Our other business areas:

-  Yellow CornArgentina / U.S.A.

-  White Corn: Argentina / U.S.A.

 Soybean MealArgentina / U.S.A. / Bolivia /          Paraguay.

-  Corn Gluten Meal: Brasil / U.S.A.

-  Corn Gluten Feed: Brasil / U.S.A.

 Soybean Oil: Argentina / U.S.A. 
 Palm OIl: Ecuador
-  Soybeans: Argentina / U.S.A. / Bolivia
-  Wheat: U.S.A. / Canada

-  Wheat Midds: U.S.A. / Canada
-  RiceU.S.A.

-  Yellow Grease / Tallow:  U.S.A.

-  Raw & Refined Sugar: Centroamérica / Colombia / Brasil / Argentina / Bolivia


-  Other Products: Fish Meal Analog, Chicken Meal, Meat & Bones Meal, Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Pork Meal, Diary Bypass, among others. / E.E.U.U. (please ask)



Luzar’s agricultural division markets sugar, grains and oilseeds; focusing on North and South American origins.  The agricultural team works closely with the chartering department in order to optimize logistics, thus assuring its counterparties the best possible price.

Countries of origin for our products.

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