Is a global commodities trader; with a focus on food and industrial raw materials exported around the globe.


Luzar Trading is an international commodity merchant with a focus on raw materials exported for animal feed and human consumption.

Relying on extensive knowledge of the markets it handles and on a human capital made up of professionals with a sense of business ethics, Luzar provides advisory and execution services in the areas of origination, logistics, marketing and risk management.


Having the ability to act and add value in each link in the supply chain, Luzar seeks to generate and execute comprehensive, competitive and flexible operations, as well as help its clients and business partners to optimize their purchase and sale operations, reduce their profile risk, in order to achieve your growth goals.



Our principles

1. Commitment to being leaders and follow best practices.
2. Generate trust in our relationships.
3. Promote Loyalty, Honesty, and Transparency.
4. Being passionate about what we do.
5. Seek simple and agile solutions.
6. Manage our resources efficiently.
7. Have flat hierarchy.


Luzar has a physical presence in four Latin American countries, having offices in Panama, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and a representation in Venezuela.

The presence in these strategic countries for our businesses in the Latin American region and worldwide, gives us significant flexibility and agility when executing operations, giving a variety of competitive options to our clients for decision-making.