Luzar Trading is an international commodity merchant; with a focus on agricultural raw materials.  Luzar’s strengths lies in its extensive market knowledge, and in a deep pool of human capital; made up by professionals with the highest sense of business ethics.  Luzar offers advisory and execution services in the origination, logistics, marketing and risk management of commodities.

     Able to act swiftly and add value in every link of the industrial supply chain. Luzar creates and executes flexible, competitive, and integrated international commerce transactions.  Luzar seeks to help its clients optimize their sales and procurement operations, reduce their risk profile, and attain their growth objectives.


  To be our clients’ preferred commercial partner in the origination, transport and marketing of mineral and agricultural products, providing a bespoke service and assuring transparency in all our dealings.


 To create transcendent solutions for our clients.

We do this by adhering to the following principles:

1. Commitment to being leaders, and following all best practices.
2. Generating trust in our relationships.
3. We value honesty and loyalty
4. We are honest and transparent.
5. We are passionate about what we do.

​6. Seeking simple and agile solutions.

7. Flat hierarchy.

8. We manage our resources well.


Business Areas:


  Luzar’s agricultural division markets sugar, grains and oilseeds; focusing on North and South American origins, and Caribbean and Central American terminal markets.  The agricultural team works closely with the chartering department in order to optimize logistics, thus assuring its counterparties the best possible price.

        As well as satisfying Luzar Trading’s internal maritime transportation needs, Luzar’s chartering desk offers consulting and execution services to third parties.

By fostering close relationships with world class shipowners, Luzar is able to amanage any and all maritime freight requirements.  Luzar works closely with producers, merchants and consumers; creating freight solutions for bulk, liquid and project cargoes.

Our locations..

Products and Services we provide:

​-Grains & Oilseeds